Some patio windows, representing the best replacement windows in Denver, Colorado.

What Are the Best Replacement Windows?

With so many replacement windows available, it can be difficult to figure out which option is best. You need something that will keep your property insulated, the weather out, and outside noise to a minimum. To help you decide on the best replacement windows for your home or business, our team at Clearwater Exteriors, located in Denver, Colorado, created this guide. Keep reading to learn more. 

Why should I replace my windows?

One of the biggest reasons why you should replace your windows is to enjoy greater energy savings. Old windows are drafty and easily allow outside air in and the air in your home out. Therefore, replacing your old windows with replacement windows can save you a lot of money on utility bills. 

If you think your windows are driving high energy costs, call our local window replacement team for a consultation. We will look at your old windows and let you know if we recommend new ones. 

Top reasons for replacement windows

There are many reasons to request replacement windows. Here are some of them. 

New glass

Over the years, the glass in old windows can become cloudy. That makes your home or business darker because natural light gets blocked. It also reduces visibility. Modern glass also blocks UV rays to protect your belongings and keep your home cool during the summer. 

Low Maintenance

Today’s advanced replacement windows are low maintenance. That means you won’t have to worry about mildew, rot, or warping. 

Higher R-Value

Quality replacement windows offer higher R-value. That is a calculation of resistance to heat flow. Higher R-values do a better job of insulating your property. 

What options are available for replacement windows?

Here are some common window replacement options. Clearwater Exteriors recommends double-pane, and we will explain why in the last section. 


Double-pane windows are the gold standard. They utilize two layers of glass for superior performance and insulation. The two layers of glass also stabilize the windows during extreme weather events, including wind, thunderstorms, and blizzards. 


Vinyl windows are affordable and durable. They are usually white, but the material can be painted. Vinyl can stand up to the elements and won’t rot or mold if it gets wet. It also won’t fade when exposed to excessive sunlight.


Fiberglass is similar to vinyl. It is strong and doesn’t expand or contract when exposed to hot or cold temperatures. Though it can be painted and resists rot and mildew, it is more expensive than vinyl replacement windows. 


Aluminum is a common choice for businesses. Because it is a good conductor of heat and cold, aluminum is not the best option for energy efficiency. But aluminum replacement windows are affordable.


These options are usually a combination of wood and aluminum or vinyl. These types of replacement windows are high maintenance because they can be damaged by the weather and sun. People restoring historic homes often go for this option. 

Why double-pane windows are the best replacement windows

At Clearwater Exteriors, we only sell state-of-the-art double-pane replacement windows. That is because they provide a classic low-profile look and boast a thermally optimized sash and frame. The double-pane glass stands up to any weather condition and provides maximum visibility and light. 

Our double-pane windows are Energy Star Rated and provide the highest R-values and insulative properties. 

They are also the top choice for reducing outside noises. So if you live near an interstate, high traffic area, or an active railway, our double-pane windows are a must. 

Best of all, our double-pane windows can be designed to fit any style or aesthetic. So no matter the type of house, Clearwater Exteriors can help you select double-pane windows that will fit perfectly.

Are you ready to explore your double-pane window options with Clearwater Exteriors? We are Denver, Colorado’s leading replacement window company. To schedule your no-obligation consultation, call our office today or reach out to our friendly staff using this website.