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Replacement windows in Aurora CO - double hung windows in kitchen

Our double-pane windows offer superior performance in Aurora’s ever-changing weather conditions. These energy-efficient options meet the stringent Energy Star® standards.

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The Clearwater Exteriors team strives to make financing replacement windows easy, So we’ve teamed up with the largest national banks and finance companies to offer financing options that are easy and affordable.

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Replacement Windows Aurora co

Do you need replacement windows? If so, homeowners in Aurora, CO, can turn to the experts at Clearwater Exteriors. Our team sells superior replacement windows at prices that can’t be matched. Our factory-trained installation technicians are the best in the area. 

How are we so confident in our windows? It is because our windows boast the highest energy efficiency rating by EnergyStar®. That means your home will be more comfortable no matter the time of year, and you’ll see a reduction in energy costs, too.

Window Replacement Services Near Aurora

Clearwater Exteriors is proud to be a local, family owned window replacement company, serving the community of Aurora, CO, and the surrounding region. We are your neighbors and love serving the customers that we call friends. Selling a premiere product is important, but providing exceptional customer service is what makes our jobs worth doing.

Homeowners in Aurora Benefit from our Energy-Efficient Windows

In the Aurora, Colorado, region, winter temperatures average 22 degrees at night, and in the summer, 88 degrees in the daytime. But with energy-efficient windows, residents can enjoy a comfortable home year-round. And as a bonus, our windows reduce outside noises and lower your utility bills. 

We also know that the environment is important to many residents in Aurora. Energy-efficient windows keep your HVAC unit from running as often, so you will reduce your carbon footprint by emitting fewer greenhouse gasses. Finally, when you decide to sell your home, it will have an increased value.

Why are Double-Pane Windows Better than Single-Pane?

Windows provide functional and aesthetic purposes. First, they are necessary for natural light to enter your home. A high-quality window lets the best part of the outdoors in while keeping the unwanted parts out. 

But is there really that significant of a difference between the types of windows? The answer is yes! Old fashioned single-pane windows get challenged by the environment and let in damaging sun rays and infrared light. 

You have probably entered a home with single-pane windows on a summer day and noticed how quickly the sun’s rays heat the room to unbearable levels. And when you combine that with the low-wavelength radiation from the infrared light, the problem is compounded. 

Our double-pane window technology filters out more heat and damaging ultraviolet light from the sun’s rays to make your home more comfortable during any weather condition.

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Our window replacement company stands apart from the competition because we also install patio doors. We focus on one thing: exceptional installation. We don’t sell glass or repair old windows. 

Our mission is to assist homeowners by increasing the efficiency and comfort levels in their homes with advanced and affordable window options. Clearwater Exteriors has been serving the community of Aurora for over 40 years and has earned an exceptional reputation because of our outstanding products and customer service. 

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If you’re ready to get a price quote for replacement windows in Aurora CO, call Clearwater Exteriors today at (720) 734-6610 or, click below to submit an email request and we’ll call you within an hour (or the next business day if after hours.)

Please note: We do not replace broken glass and we have a 3 window minimum purchase.

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