Replacement Windows FAQ

We’ve compiled some of the replacement windows frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) to help answer the questions we get asked often. Have a question that we haven’t covered? Call us. We are happy to answer your questions.

Clearwater Exteriors’ state of the art double-pane replacement windows are designed for superior performance in Colorado’s ever-changing weather. They are highly energy-efficient and meet the strict standards of Energy Star®.
At Clearwater Exteriors, we strive to make buying the best replacement windows for your home as easy as possible. So, we’ve teamed up with many national lenders to offer financing for your home improvement project.
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When you choose Clearwater Exteriors, you know you are getting the best in service. Our team is with you through the entire home window replacement process, from the initial consultation through the final installation.

Why should I replace my windows?

There are plenty of reasons for replacement windows. Window technology has improved over the recent years, and today’s double-pane technology is superior in many ways. When you choose Clearwater Exteriors as your window replacement experts, you’ll reduce your utility costs, limit outside noise, and have the most aesthetically pleasing windows on the street. 

How long do windows last?

It depends on the type of window. Old-fashioned double-pane windows usually last around 20 years, while we get calls to replace builder-grade windows in less than 10. Aluminum windows have been virtually obsolete for efficiency reasons for 30 years.

At Clearwater Exteriors, we use specialized, non-metal frame materials and double-pane glass because, on average, they last longer than both single-pane and aluminum window options. 

What are some signs that my windows need to be replaced?

Here are some signs that you need replacement windows.

Spikes in energy costs

Older windows lack proper insulation. That means during the hot Denver summers and cold Colorado winters, your air conditioner and furnace need to work much harder. And, because your HVAC system is running constantly, it costs you more money. 

Sometimes, you can even feel air flowing across the window threshold, even when it is closed. You might even be able to hear the wind whistling through. That is a sure sign that you need replacement windows. But just because you can’t feel air moving through a closed window, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening. 

When you replace your windows with double-pane technology, you’ll see a significant reduction in your energy bills. 

Your windows are allowing in moisture

If you notice moisture building up inside the window or any water forming on the frame, it can be a sign of inefficient windows. If you notice moisture, you definitely need to replace your windows. 

They get stuck

As windows age, they often begin to stick. At first, it might not seem like a significant issue, but the problem is progressive and will get worse. Not only is sticking windows an annoyance, but it could also prove to be a safety hazard if you can’t open them in case of an emergency.  

Too much noise

Your windows should limit outside noises. If you are hearing all of the sounds of the street inside your home, it is time for replacement windows. Old single-pane windows or 1980’s technology double pane windows transfer sounds and vibrations easily. But when you replace your windows with today’s double-pane technology, you’ll instantly notice a reduction of outside noises.  

They look old

The value of your house is partially dependent on aesthetics. Older windows can make your home look dated. Not only will new windows increase the energy efficiency of your home, but they will also improve your curb appeal, both inside and out!. 

How long does it take to replace windows?

Because our Clearwater Exteriors team does its due diligence by getting accurate measurements during your initial consultation, when we begin the replacement windows Denver process, it usually takes 1-2 days. We also prepare in advance for debris removal so you won’t have scraps in your yard for days.

How often will I need replacement windows?

When installed correctly, windows can easily last decades. The problem is, many times, the installation process is rushed, and the poor job calls for replacement windows earlier than you might expect. 

When you choose to replace your windows with Clearwater Exteriors, you can rest assured knowing that the top window replacement contractors in the Denver area are installing them. Our team never takes shortcuts and always makes sure you are completely satisfied before leaving your property. Best of all, we use today’s double-pane technology, so you know you are getting the highest quality product on the market.

Why we use double-pane window technology

We sell double-pane technology windows because they are perfect for the ever-changing Colorado weather patterns. 

With our double-pane windows, you know you are getting a quality product because they meet the rigid Energy Star standards. These windows are thermally optimized and provide maximum visibility and light. 

One of the best aspects of our double-pane windows is that they come in many styles, so you will surely find an option that matches your home’s aesthetics. 

Why choose Clearwater Exteriors for the best replacement windows?

For over 40 years, Clearwater Exteriors has been the Colorado leader in all things windows, including home window replacement. We are not only industry experts, but we also advise the manufacturers we team with, so we can guarantee you will receive a quality product. 

Clearwater Exteriors takes pride in providing exceptional customer service. Everything we do is service-oriented, and there is always a member on the leadership team to speak with if you ever have an issue. 

Ready to learn more about how state-of-the-art double-pane windows can improve your home or business? Call the Denver, CO, leaders in replacement windows today. Our consultations are always free. Because we are a local window replacement company you can trust, we always offer honest estimates. Contact us today to learn more. 

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Windows don’t last forever, and over the years, window technology evolves and improves. If you are ready for the best replacement windows, Clearwater Exteriors has the knowledge and talented window replacement contractors for the job. We are a local team that serves Denver, Colorado, and surrounding areas. Call our office to learn more about replacement windows today. For replacement windows in Denver, homeowners choose Clearwater Exteriors.