Single-Hung Windows

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Single-Hung Replacement Windows

Our double-pane, single-hung windows are by far the most popular window style. With a stationary upper window and a bottom window sash that moves up and down, they are easy to operate. The best part is that they are budget-friendly, and that’s a plus when you need to replace a large number of windows.

Benefits of Single-Hung Windows

Single hung windows have been a popular choice in many homes and buildings for a long time. They have several benefits which make them an attractive option for homeowners and builders alike. The benefits include being:

  1. Cost-Effective: Single hung windows are generally less expensive than double hung windows because they have fewer moving parts. This makes them a more budget-friendly choice for large projects or for homeowners looking to save on replacement costs.
  2. Energy Efficient: The top sash of a single hung window is stationery and does not move so there are fewer opportunities for air infiltration. When installed properly, single hung windows will help reduce energy costs.
  3. Safe: With only one operable sash, there’s less chance for accidental falls, making it especially suitable for homes with young children or pets. The non-operable sash also offers a degree of added security against potential break-ins.
  4. Easy to Clean: A fixed top sash means you only have to worry about cleaning one moving part. And our movable sash folds in for easier cleaning.
  5. Space Saving: Since the window only slides vertically, there are no parts of the window that extend outward or inward into living spaces, which can be beneficial in tight spaces or walkways.
  6. Diverse Styles and Options: Despite being simpler in operation, single hung windows come in a variety of styles and finishes to match any architectural design or homeowner preference.
  7. Durable: With fewer moving parts, there’s less wear and tear over time, potentially leading to a longer lifespan for the window.
  8. Reduced Maintenance: Since only one sash moves, there are fewer components that might need repair or replacement over time.
  9. Good for High Windows: When the top sash is too high to access, a single hung window might be more practical, as only the bottom sash opens and closes.
  10. Less Complicated Mechanism: The simplicity in design means fewer things can go wrong with the window’s operation.

Energy Efficient Single-Hung Windows

Our single-hung windows are the best for energy efficiency. Energy Star has rated them as the Most Energy-Efficient since 2021. Because they are double-pane with multi-layered low-emissivity (Low-E) glazing, they provide maximum energy savings. Their superior thermal performance makes them more efficient than standard single-pane windows.

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The Features You Want in
Single-Hung Replacement Windows

✓  ENERGY STAR Most-Efficient 2021, 2022 & 2023 Rated
✓  Custom made for precision fit
✓  Double-pane for maximum thermal efficiency
✓  Inert gas-filled
✓  Easy-to-clean
✓  3mm thick, double-strength, Low E-glass
✓  Constructed to stand up to high winds and Colorado temperatures
✓  Low profile frame and sash with expanded glass area allow more light in
✓  Easy screen installation and removal
✓  Choice of colors and grid options
✓  Easy to see lock indicator
✓  Low-to-no maintenance
✓ Factory-trained installers

Why Choose Single-Hung Windows from Clearwater Exteriors?

Our double-pane, single-hung windows stay true to the classic single-hung window style but offer a more contemporary appearance with clean lines and crisp corners. They are easy to use, easy to clean, and built for longevity. And, they use a constant force balance system to move windows up and down. What this means for you is no sash cords, weights or pulleys to break and hurt someone. Additionally the:

  • frame and sash have fusion-welded corners that provide exceptional strength and energy efficiency.
  • integrated lock provides added strength making the windows more secure and prevents them from bowing in extreme winds.
  • frame material is non-conductive which improves energy efficiency.
  • sill slopes and prevents water and debris accumulation.
  • hidden screen track gives a clean appearance.

In addition to all the technical reasons to choose our windows, we commit to making your window replacement as easy for you as possible.

How Much Do Single-Hung Windows Cost?

The cost of single-hung windows includes product cost and labor. Each window is custom made which means it is made to fit the window opening. So, there is no standard size. The labor portion is going to depend upon the floorplan of your house. A ranch style home all on one level is going to take less labor than a two-story home or, a two-story home with a walk-out basement. That is why we prefer to give exact quotes after we’ve been to your home, measured your windows and identified any installation requirements. Additionally, we often run promotions which can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars.  

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