A historic home with replacement windows

Protect From Lead Paint in Historic Home Window Replacement

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has specific rules and credentials that apply to all of us that work on homes built prior to 1978. An older home is likely to have lead based paint, and the likelihood goes up as the home gets older.

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Historic home window replacements need to be handled in a specific manner to protect everyone, but concerns are high with regard to children. AtClearwater Exteriors, when we are brought in to do your window replacement project, we assure our clients that we are proud of our Lead Based Paint Renovator certification from the EPA. To best enjoy a window replacement in your historic home, you must first hire a certified Lead Based Paint Renovator. From there, you can ensure your home achieves all the great benefits of the new windows, while enhancing the look and energy efficiency of your home.

Lead Safe Certified Window Replacement