A fancy living room with replacement windows

Clearwater Exteriors Provides Replacement Windows You Can Trust

Clearwater Exteriors provides replacement windows you can trust: a checklist of reasons

Here at Clearwater Exteriors, we can choose a host of window suppliers, and we work to only provide the best. It is our job to find the highest quality products for our client projects.

Given that our window replacement projects are throughout Denver, we are looking for strengths in particular areas. Features that matter to us, and we are proud to provide every one of our clients:

  • Beautiful, custom look
  • Energy Star rating
  • Double Pane
  • Made in America with US Operations
  • Weather Tight
  • 65 years industry experience
  • Over engineered for water, sun, heat, cold
  • Outstanding warranty protection
  • Beautiful corners (this matters to us, too!)
  • Strong glass
  • Air tight insulating chambers
  • Multilayer weather stripping built in to the replacement window
  • Dual vent stops, to make better window function
  • Hidden screen track
  • Standard half screen for our remodel customers
  • Value priced affordability for window replacement remodel projects
  • Many colors, grids and shapes available for a custom window experience

We will continue to monitor the replacement window suppliers, and make sure they deliver the very best replacement windows to our clients. If there are features and benefits you are searching for that you are having trouble finding, I hope you let us know. We want your replacement window remodel to exceed your expectations.