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3 Reasons to Choose Energy Star Rated Replacement Windows

Energy Star Rated Replacement Windows

1. Cash In Your Pocket

The more energy efficient your windows, the better our home will be at storing the heating or cooling that you have within the home.  Windows are the most common place for energy to escape, forcing your HVAC system to run more in a less efficient home. As the rating goes up, the air leakage goes down. This means that your heating and cooling system runs less after your window replacement.

2. Increase the Life and Use of Your HVAC in Your Home

Because the burden on heating your home is lower, you can expect the life of your heating and air conditioning system to last longer. This saves you immeasurable money in the longer term, but also helps you feel better about how you are using your home.

3. Have a More Comfortable Home

As you choose a more energy efficient window, you will experience less temperature swing as the days and nights have changing temperature. This is because the replacement windows do an excellent job of keeping the undesirable weather out, and the comfortable room temperature inside. You won’t want to leave the comfort of your own home.