Replacement windows in a lakehouse

5 Questions to Ask When Considering a Window Replacement Project

Add Beauty Inside & Out and Save Money

When considering a window replacement project, here are 5 questions to make sure you are getting the team that will do the best job for your home.

How long will the project take?

  • A good crew should be able to install about 10 3×5 windows in a single day. It will take additional time for larger windows, those further above grade, or complicated windows.

Are they certified?

  • A good crew will be Lead Paint Certified Remodeler (only necessary for houses built prior to 1978). Your project should also be done by a team licensed with their state contractors’ license (In Oregon, you can find their CCB number).

Are they factory authorized?

  • Factory authorized window replacements are often better than independent contractors, as they have been trained and certified on the brand of windows you will receive.

Will I be able to reach someone for help?

  • When you are authorizing this work, it’s helpful to have a business card and direct contact to reach someone if something goes wrong. Make sure you ask for this contact information as you sign the window replacement contract.

Does the warranty include glass breakage?

  • This is an important consideraton if you think you may be at risk of breakage.  A good glass breakage warranty will cover the glass, regardless of cause, usually with some exclusions about specialty glass such as tempered however.