New windows with drapes in a home

Top Signs That You Need New Windows

Have you taken a hard look at your windows recently? As a homeowner, it’s common to skim over the windows when it comes to home renovation projects. After all, the allure of a remodeled kitchen or bathroom can often overtake simpler updates to your abode. However, no matter the quality and durability of your windows, the time will eventually come for you to get new windows. The key is knowing the right time to have your window replacement project completed.

Your home’s windows impact everything from the look of the home’s exterior to the energy-efficiency of your household. So, when the time comes for your windows to be replaced, you’ll benefit from doing so promptly. This article will go over the top signs that your home could use Denver window replacements, ensuring that your household never goes long with sub-par windows.

Condensation Forms Between The Window Panes

Condensation forming in between the windowpanes is a telltale sign that you’re in need of new windows. Given that condensation forms as a result of excess moisture, this shows that the seals of your windows have worn out, allowing moisture in from the outside. Excess moisture in the form of condensation will create the risk of further damage, including mold development, water stains, and warping.

Sometimes, if condensation in between the windowpanes is the only problem that you’re facing, you can simply have the glass window panes replaced – not the entire window. However, when condensation forms, it usually means that your window is already nearing the end of its lifespan. So, the most cost-effective choice will likely be to complete the Denver window replacement now, rather than putting it off to the not-so-distant future.

Your Home Energy Costs Are Rising

If the heat from your furnace or cooled air from your air conditioner is lost through the windows, it will lead to rising energy costs. If you notice that your utility bills are significantly higher than usual, check if your windows feel cold to the touch when the heater is on. This means that the windows are cooling down the air from your heater, forcing it to work harder and use more energy.

You can fix this problem with Denver window replacement services. If your current windows are causing higher energy expenses, they’re probably drafty. Replacing them with new windows will get rid of the draft and help regulate the temperature in your home.

The Window Frames Are Damaged

An obvious sign that you need new windows is frame damage. Prolonged exposure to moisture creates the risk of window frame damage, including decay, warping, and mold.

Once the frames are damaged, it may cause the windows to start leaking. A leaky window could even cause puddles of water by the windows on the floor of your home. If your windows are leaky, it’s wise to schedule your Denver window replacement ASAP. Waiting to address the issue will only cause the windows the break down more, potentially causing a security problem for your home. Additionally, as the leaky windows continue to break down, they could create lasting damage to the surrounding walls.

Many homeowners wonder if they can simply have the window repaired, rather than replaced. Especially if the leak was caused by poor window installation or a faulty seal, repairing the damage may seem like the more practical option. However, repairs are unlikely to address the full extent of the issue. Replacing the damaged windows will give you peace of mind in knowing that all of the damage, including its roof cause, has been removed.

The Windows No Longer Block Out Sound

Street noise is a frustration among many, many homeowners. However, if it seems like the noise coming from outside of your home is louder than usual, you might need new windows. Single-pane windows provide poor soundproofing that will get even worse with age. So, if street noise is bothering you and your family, consider replacement windows for more peace and quiet.

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