Modern windows showing the latest window design trends

The Hottest Denver Window Design Trends

Your windows are an instrumental component of your home’s design. The look of the windows impacts the look of the home’s interior and exterior. So, naturally, there are always new window trends hitting the home design scene.

At Clearwater Exteriors, we’re always at the forefront of window trends so that we can deliver the best, most beautiful, and most on-trend windows to our customers. Here, we’ll give you a run-down of the hottest window design trends on the market today. If you catch something that you like, make sure to schedule your Denver window installation appointment.

Trend #1: Energy Efficiency

Awareness of the environment and your own impact on it is a trend that’s sure to stick around. While people implement energy-saving and waste-reducing practices in every aspect of their lives, window designs are getting an energy-efficient boost. With an energy-efficient window design, you can reduce your home’s energy consumption significantly.

There are many different window features that can improve energy efficiency. Simply scheduling a Denver window replacement can largely boost energy efficiency for many homeowners, given that current windows may have gaps through which air leaks in and out of the home. Solar control film an energy-saving window treatments can also reduce your home’s energy usage.

Shades, curtains, and blinds can also reduce the amount of solar energy that leaks into your home, thus improving the energy efficiency of the windows. Honeycomb or cellular shades can significantly cut down on solar heat gain to reduce the energy consumed by your HVAC system. These energy-savvy shades are a major window trend in 2021.

Trend #2: Oversized Picture Windows

Now more than ever, homeowners are on the hunt for natural light. Getting as much natural light into the home is a key goal among home designers. One of the best ways to maximize natural light in a living space is to install picture windows that span entire walls. Picture windows are designed not to open, but to provide a stunning, unobstructed view of the outdoors. When a picture window takes the space of an entire wall in your home, it will allow in as much natural light as possible while giving your home a spacious, airy feel.

If you want the look of a floor-to-ceiling picture window but require practical access to a patio or deck, consider sliding glass doors. This fixture will allow you to easily head outside while preserving the volume of natural light that enters the home.

Trend #3: Window Seating

Built-in windows nooks for sipping coffee and reading your favorite book have become a huge trend. Classic, functional, and aesthetically striking, a window nook contributes a charming look to your home. Plus, the extra seating can be conveniently used for quiet time to yourself.

You can combine seating with just about any type of window to achieve your desired look. A bay window affords extra space for your seating installation, while a specially shaped window nook can become a centerpiece of your home. A member of the expert Denver window installation team at Clearwater Exteriors can walk you through your window design options to achieve the best possible result.

Trend #4: Black Window Frames

Modern, edgy, and elegant, black accents are becoming a key fixture in homes today. Black window frames are becoming particularly popular for their ability to offset light wall colors and bring visual interest to any room. Additionally, black window frames accentuate the window type, making your windows a valuable aesthetic component of your interiors – not just a functional necessity.

Window frames can be painted easily, making black window frames a simple and affordable trend to adopt. If your windows are old, however, we recommend getting them replaced with black frames to ensure optimal energy efficiency and a sleek, modern look.

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If you’re ready to up your home’s game with on-trend windows, contact Clearwater Exteriors today. Our team provides leading window installation and replacement services with all of the hottest window designs of the year.