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Protecting Your Largest Investment and Gaining a Return on Your Investment

When you’re dreaming about home ownership, energy efficient, high performance windows may not be the first thing to come to mind. After you’ve purchased your home, however, your outlook will probably change. That second story pop-top may have made your fantasy wish list, but once you’re thinking in terms of return on investment, big-ticket items don’t necessarily deliver.

It’s true that upgrading to a dream kitchen or a room addition can add value to your house, but you don’t get that investment back until you sell your home. Why not invest your money in something that will pay off while you still live there? Adding the right improvements, however, are renovations that offer immediate, obvious benefits.

The return on investment for high performance replacement windows is measured in more than dollars and energy efficiency. Comfort, beauty, and pride of ownership may be less tangible rewards, but they’re no less meaningful. Your investment in your house is more than monetary, so why not create a space you’re proud to call home?

If you’re looking for a way to make your home more attractive and energy efficient, as well as an immediate return on your investment, don’t focus on your fantasy wish list. Look, instead, for practical ways to make your home a more efficient, comfortable place to live. A man cave and a dream kitchen might be fun, but the better investment is something that can give you some return on investment BEFORE and after you resell your home.

At Clearwater Exteriors, we specialize in high performance replacement windows and maintenance-free insulated siding. We know the details on the outside of your home matter just as much as the ones on the inside, so Clearwater Exteriors products are designed with great attention to detail. Engineered for maximum beauty and performance, our siding has the industry’s thickest energy-saving insulation, yet is aesthetically pleasing as well, built in beautiful colors that last for a lifetime. Our high performance replacement windows use state of the art technology ensuring compliance with as-yet unreleased energy standards.  Leading the way into the next generation of energy efficient improvements to your home.  For more information on replacement windows give us a call at 720.741.7565 today!