Springtime flowers outside a home with spring window replacement

Consider a Denver Window Replacement This Spring

In the spring, many people declutter and organize their homes. But, this spring, why not go a step further and update your home with new windows? If it’s been a while since your windows were last replaced or installed, you could benefit in several ways from investing in Denver window replacement.

Spring is a great time to replace your home’s windows. Not only will you ensure that your windows are energy-efficient before the start of the hot summer season, but you’ll also make progress on your home maintenance to-do list early in the year.

Spring Window Replacement Options

Before you get your windows replaced, it’s wise to consider the different window styles that are available. The style of the windows that you choose will have a sizable impact on the look of your home’s interiors, so you should make sure that it matches your vision.

The following window styles are among the top choices for modern interiors:

Double-Hung Windows

Classic and functional, double-hung windows are always a good choice. This popular window style, featuring two operable sashes stacked vertically, is designed for everyday use. Double-hung windows will look good in any room and are easy to operate, making them a practical choice for all homeowners.

Sliding Windows

If double-hung windows aren’t your style, why not consider sliding windows? Sliding windows are oriented horizontally and feature sashes that slide from side to side. This makes them different from double-hung windows, which slide vertically. In fact, you can think of sliding windows as double-hung windows that are turned sideways.

Casement and Awning Windows

If you’re seeking a window style that’s a bit different, consider casement or awning windows. While these are two distinct window designs, both open outward. This is distinct from double-hung and sliding windows, which open and close within the window frame.

Casement windows have hinges at the sides and swing outward, either to the left or right. Awning windows have hinges at the top and open outward from the bottom. This unique operation is preferred by some homeowners, and awning windows can even be open while it rains!

Bay Windows

For windows with a charming, classic look, bay windows are ideal. Bay windows consist of three separate windows that protrude from your home. The two side window sections are angled away from your home, while the center window panel is flat. This produces a small alcove in your home that’s accentuated by the beautiful view outside.

Picture Windows

Do you want a clear view of the gorgeous outdoors this spring and summer? In that case, picture windows could be the right window style for you. Picture windows can’t be opened, so their primary purpose is to provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Without sashes or hardware to obstruct the view, picture windows can allow natural light to flood into your home and provide aesthetic value to your interiors.

The Perks of Spring Window Replacement

Cut Down On Your Home’s Energy Use

While you may not always realize it, the windows have an effect on the energy efficiency of your home. Older windows often have wear and tear that leads to drafts. Drafty windows cause air to leak in and out of your home. When your air conditioner is running this summer, a draft will make for wasted energy. But, by scheduling a Denver window replacement this spring, you can ensure that your home’s windows won’t lead to air leakage and energy wastage.

Facilitate The Installation of Your New Windows

Spring is a fantastic season for window installation, as well as other home improvement projects, because the days are longer. This means that window contractors will be able to complete the project within one day, rather than multiple days (as may be the case during the winter, when the hours of sunlight are limited). You also won’t have to worry as much about weather or temperature extremes during the spring as you would at other times of the year.

Take Care of Window Damage

Window damage can be a liability to your home. Whether you’re dealing with drafty windows, water damage around the windows, damaged window hardware, or any other type of window damage, get it taken care of this spring to avoid further damage to your home.

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